XINDA Compounding PSHJ-50

Durchsatsleistung: 100-150 Kg/Std.
Typ: gleichläufige Doppelschnecke
Produktion: Unterschiedliches Masterbatch (MB)


Gleichlaufender Doppelschneckenextruder

Masterbatch manufacturing | Dye production line in great working condition, like new!

Brand & Model: XINDA Compounding PSHJ-50

Type: co-rotating twin-screw, with an easy opening system

Output from the main extruder: 100-150 kg/h

Production: Different Masterbatch (MB)

Parts of the line:

1.0 Mixer 300L 1 pc.
2.0 PSHJ-50 Embossing Unit
2.1 Co-rotating twin-screw extruder Cylinder with easy opening system 1 pc., 50mm, L/D 44
3.0 Granule receiving unit
3.1 Head 1 pc.
3.2 Cooling bath 1 pc. 4m
3.3 Cutting 1 pc. 3.4 Vibrating table 1 pc.
4.0 Controls
4.1 Electrical cabinet 1 pc.
4.2 PLC-12 touch panel 1 pc.
5.0 Spare parts

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