SVP WIK 800 151 for Cone Bags

Produktion: Konische Beutel für Blumen/Kräuter/Süßigkeiten/Sonstiges
Material: LDPE, OPP, CPP, Coex – 30-60 my
Schweissbreite: Max. 800 mm


Gebrauchte Wickelbeutelmaschine

Wicketer bag machine for production of conical bags for flowers

Brand & Model: SVP WIK 800 151 for Cone Bags

Type: Side weld wicket bag making machine

Type of production: Conical bags for flowers/herbs/candy/other

Number of lanes: Single Lane

Material that can be processed: LDPE, OPP, CPP, Coex – 30-60 my

Sealing width: Max 800 mm

Bag dimensions:
Bag height with lips:
min 350 – max 800 mm

Lips height: 50 mm

Bag width top side: max 430 mm

Bag width bottom side: min 50 mm

Total angle: 5 – 45 degrees

Linear speed: Up to 50 m/min

Bags per min: Up to 200 Cpm

Driving system:
✓ PLC controlled
✓ Operator interface terminal
✓ Print registration control
✓ Servo motor driven
➢ input nip rollers
➢ sealing bar

Wicket bag machine – Attachments and accessories:
✓ Driven un-winder 1600 mm wide
✓ Unwinder diameter 800 mm
✓ Folding triangle
✓ Hole punching devices in different diameters
✓ Suction unit

This high speed wicketer bag machine is in great working condition. Contact your area sales manager for more information.