Zerma vaskelinje til plast

Output: 1500 kg/t
Materialer: LLDPE/LDPE

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Højkapacitets vaskelinje til plast

Zerma washing line with high capacity output for loose and pre-sorted forms

Material that can be processed: LLDPE/LDPE film – 15/85% film in loose and pre-sorted form.

Output: Up to 1500 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

Contamination level: Up to 15% by weight

Final flake size: < 60mm

Final surface moisture: Between 3-6% by weight

Material feeding: Bales must be opened, wires, metals, stones removed

Line consists of:

  • Metal detector bridge
  • Feed belt with metal detector bridge
  • Zerma Granulator GSH 800/1200
  • Intensive friction washers
  • Feeding screw
  • Separation tank
  • Mechanical Dryer
  • Material transport systems
  • Cyclone separator
  • Thermal dryer
  • Silo
  • Electric control cabinet
  • Diverse metallic constructions

The machine is in outstanding working condition!
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