WEIMA – Shredder

Single shaft
14 Knives
160 kg/h

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WEIMA – Shredder

For Processing wood and Post-Industrial Waste

Brand & Model: WEIMA WL 4/18.5KW

Type: Single shaft

Rotor: Length 600 mm x diam. 252 mm

Cutter house:
14 concave knifes / 40 x 40 mm reversible cutting crowns

Motor type and size: 18,5 kW

Screen size: 20/25 mm hole

160 kg/h depending on the type of material, blower and feeding rate.

Hopper inlet:
600 mm X 800 mm Volume: 0.6 m³

Material that can be processed: Shutters, Blinds, Wood, Derived timber products

In good working condition. Can be seen in production. Please contact us for more information.