No. of colours: 8
Print repeat: 300–900 mm
Printing width: 1400 mm

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Used UTECO AMBER 808.IM. UV | Secondhand CI Flexo Printer

No. of colours: 8 colours

Material to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper

Printing width: 1400 mm

Material width: 1450 mm

Print repeat: 300 mm – 900 mm

Mechanical speed: Up to 300 m/min


✓ 1 Rainbow UTECO unit stack the UV mod. 140
✓ Sistem of polymerization GIARDINA mod. GST/UV 1502/11
✓ Laboratory BASF complete for the realization of the cliché rubber print
✓ Change Cliché
✓ Nr 70 Corrugated rollers new print
✓ Riding cliché
✓ Nr 120 rollers knurled

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.