Very Compact Recycler
Material: HDPE & LDPE
Output: 20-50 kg/h
Screw: 120 mm Repro-Air Categories: ,
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Air cooled type recycling machine for PE film and bag producers

The Repro-Air is a new recycling machine from Polystar. Its focus is on being a compact air cooled recycling machine. It processes blown film and cast film products. Furthermore, it processes HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE scraps. The Repro-air outputs re-usable pellets that can be used in production once again.

This machine is suited for processing in  house PE waste without an output of 20-50 KG/h

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Model Name: Repro-Air

Final Product: Plastic pellets/granule

Recycling Material: HDPE and LDPE ( as optional with an additional die head)

Output range: 20-50 kg/hr

Screw Diameter: 120mm

Degassing: No Degassing

Cutting Type: Hot die face pelletizing

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