Reifenhauser RT681-1-70-30D

Ydeevne: Up to 125 kg/hour
Aftagning: 1400 mm

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Materials to be processed: LDPE

Extrudes: Screw diam. 70 mm


  • Blown film die head
  • Die diameter 300 mm

Die gap: 1 mm

Output: Up to 125 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Air Ring: Dual Flow air ring

Take Off: 

  • Take off 1400 mm wide
  • Oscillating nips


✓ Double winder, fully automatic stack rewinder
✓ Winder, fully automatic roll change
✓ Maximum line speed 50 m/min
✓ Reels diameter up to 1000 mm
✓ Winding width 1400 mm


✓ Tower
✓ Web guide
✓ Volumetric control system with suction “Plast Control”
✓ Calibrating basket
✓ Corona-treater
✓ Air shafts

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.