Starlinger RECOSTAR 125 PET

Materiale: PE, PP, PET
Snegl/snekke diameter: 125 mm
Output: Op til 700 kg/t
Afgasning: Dobbelt (vakuumpumpe)

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PET pelletiseringsanlæg fra Starlinger RECOSTAR

This plastic pellet making machine has 125mm screw diameter, double degassing and it is in good working condition!

Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PET

Brand & Model: Starlinger RECOSTAR 125 PET

Screw diameter: 125 mm

L/D ratio: 42 L/D

Output: Up to 700 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

Degassing: Double (vacuum pump)

Screen changer before the Die: Econ ESK 490 B (2003 )Backflush double piston

Material feeding system: Screw feeding from silo and Reel feeder

Extruder hopper type: Gravity hopper

Plastic pellet machine | Pelletising system:

  • Econ EUP 600 (2004)
  • Under Water Pelletising system


  • Voltage: 3 x 400V + N + Pe
  • Installed power: 230 Kw(around 60% under process)

PET pelletizing line is in good working condition. Contact us for more information.