Bühler Sortex Z+ 2RR Optical Sorter + NIR Sorter

Sensorer, Vibrofeeding,
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Optisk sorteringsmaskine

Optical sorter produced by Bühler is in great working condition.

Brand & Model: Bühler Sortex Z+ 2RR Optical Sorter + NIR Sorter

Material that can be processed: PP, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PA/PE

Areas of application: Optical sorting, for sorting out extraneous materials like wood, metal, etc.

Bühler Sorter | Method of operation:
The model has 2 shafts, equipped with special InGaAs NIR cameras as well as bichromatic colour cameras.
Dynamic product colour control system.
Automatic backlight.
Ejection of the faulty product through ejector nozzles.
Integrated recipe management.
Climate control system.


  • Stainless steel charging hoppers, 2 pcs
  • Sensors
  • Vibrofeeding

Electrical: Voltage 200 – 240, 50 Hz

Compressed air: 5-7 bar, free of water and oil

Optical sorting machine can be seen in production. Contact us for more information.