GS di Guasone Star 800

Farver: 4
Trykbredde: 800 mm
Tryklængde: 30-120 mm
Tørring: Elektrisk

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Brugt GS di Guasone Star 800

Brugt flexografisk off-line trykmaskine

No. of colors: 4

Material to print: PE

Printing width: 800mm

Material width: 900mm

Print repeat: 30 mm – 120 mm

Mechanical speed: Up to 150 m/min

Out of line type: Winder: Single shaft winder

Max roll diam.:  800 mm

Unwinder: Single shaft unwinder. Max roll diam.:  1000 mm

Drying system: Electrical drying


✓ With manual register
✓ Doctor blades system
✓ 4 anilox cylinders chromed and rubber – 100 lines
✓ 12 clichè holder cylinders: 4x400mm; 4x500mm; 4x600mm
✓ web guide

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.