Genvinding af dæk

Kapacitet på 1 t/t
Består af: Makuleringsmaskiner,
Granulator, sorteringsenhed og andet

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Genvinding af dæk – Gummi recycling

Used Recycling Machinery in good working condition with large capacity of 1t/h.

Brand & Model: MTB

Description: 1 t/h Tire Recycling Line

Materials to recycle: Tires (passenger and truck tires smaller than 1,2m diameter)

GATOR BOX Primary Shredder for:

  • Tires (passenger and truck tires smaller than 1,2m diameter
  • E-Scraps (small domestic appliances and white goods)
  • Alu/copper radiators, transformers, and aluminium extrusions (window profiles)

Used Tire Recycling Machinery – TIREBOX Consist of two Process units: Shred Box and Sort Box

SHRED’BOX Secondary Shredding and Granulating for:

  • Tire shreds already processed into the GATOR BOX
  • Loose copper electrical cables (all kind of cables) including automobile wires


  • The BDR 1245 shredder
  • The granulator BAT 800
  • Magnetic drum STMO


  • Sorting fractions after size reduction
  • Air density table T600x1200
  • Sieving table TAM 700

Clean Wire System (CWS)

  • Granulator BAT 1200
  • Magnetic drums TAP

Accessories & Attachments:

  • AIRBOX – container clamped on top of the sorting container.
  • Touch screen and PLC hardware from Schneider Electric.

Tire recycling machine is available for sale. Contact us to get more specifications.