Dalaker | Monolayer Extrusion Line

Die diameter: 250 mm
Output: op til 75 kg/hour
Aftagning: 1300mm

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Enkelt lag ekstruder til blæst film

Brugt enkelt lag ekstruder til blæst film, Dalaker, med en aftagning på 1300 mm og et output på 75 kg/t.

Type: Dalaker

Materials to be processed: LLDPE/LDPE

Extruders: Screw diam: 65 mm

Head: Blown film die head

Die diameter: 250 mm

Output: Up to 75 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Take off: 1300mm


  • Double winder 2 x 1300mm

Monolayer blown film line – Accessories:

  • Tower
  • Web guide
  • Gravimetric weight control system
  • Components blander
  • Dosing units
  • Air shafts

The mono blown film line Dalaker can be seen in production. Contact us to schedule an E-Inspection.