Bühler Sortex Z+ 4B Optical Sorter

Sensorer, Vibrofeeding,
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Optisk sorteringsmaskine til salg

Optical sorter used for recycling is in great working condition.

Brand & Model: Bühler Sortex Z+ 4B Optical Sorter

Material that can be processed: PP, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PA/PE

Areas of application: Optical sorting, for sorting out extraneous materials like wood, metal, etc.

Optical sorter | Method of operation:
The model has 4 shafts, equipped with 2 bichromatic color cameras for each slide for double-sided viewing of the product.
Dynamic product color control system.
Automatic backlight.
Ejection of the faulty product through ejector nozzles.
Integrated recipe management.


  • Stainless steel charging hoppers, 4 pcs
  • Sensors
  • Vibrofeeding

Electrical: Voltage 200 – 240, 50 Hz

Compressed air: 5-7 bar, free of water and oil

Optical sorter for sale used in recycling. Machine can be seen in production. Contact us for more information.