Farver: 9
Trykbredde: 400-800 mm
Printbred.: 830 mm 10131 Categories: , ,
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ANDREOTTI – Dybtrykmaskine

No. of colors: 9 colors (6 Andreotti + 3 Cerutti)

Material to print: Film, paper, aluminum

Max printing width: 830 mm

Material width: 900 mm

Print Repeat: 400 mm – 800 mm

Max mechanical speed: 200 m/minute


  • Automatic Unwinder
  • Max roll diam.: 1000 mm


  • Automatic Rewinder
  • Max roll diam.: 1000 mm


Drying System: Diathermic oil drying


✓ Doctor blades system (6 new groups technologically updated)
✓ Cylinders (New)
✓ Color tank (New)
✓ Pumps (new)
The machine has been “designed” for the realization of high added value jobs.
The presence of the 3 Cerutti, allows the following possibilities:
o In-line coupling
o Application of primer and overprints paints
o Cold seal adhesive applications

Condition: In good working condition.