AGFA Dotrix Modular – Brugt trykpresse med central modtrykcylinder (CI)

Trykpresser  (CI)

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AGFA Dotrix Modular

Brugt trykpresser med central modtrykcylinder (CI)

Ref. No: 4181

No. of colors:

CMYK+WHITE(FLEXO), expandable for OVG
• 6-colour CMYK + OV
• 4-colour CMYK
• Optional in-line flexo stations for varnish,
white, etc.

Material to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper , corrugated cardboard, Aluminium, metalized films

Printing width: 630 mm

Material width: 650 mm

Print repeat: 15 meters

Mechanical speed: Up to 50/m

Out of line type:

Roll-to-roll servo driven with jumbo
unwinder and rewinder

Drying system: UV curing, (and eventually Vetaphone for flexo units)

Other information:

Digital injekt roll to roll.
Flexo unit for partial varnish and white.


  • Corona,
  • Web cleaning,
  • Anti-static

Condition: Can be seen running.